The Dolomites photobook

The most beautiful photos taken during our tours in the Dolomites, collected in a photobook

The Dolomites photobook – 3 Peaks of Lavaredo

This photobook was born maybe in the darkest period for those, who work in the travel business, like Holimites. In December 2020, we were full of joy and ready for a great winter season, but soon we realized that everything was just an illusion. A wish that, like the flame of a table candle, was slowly fading away. In everything we do, in the tours we organize, we put all our passion and heart to make our guests feel like family, the Holimites family. So you can imagine, how disappointed we were.

We had plenty of time, so we decided to start working on the projects for the future. One of the jobs we had to do was the creation of our catalog for 2022 (all our trips are planned more than one year in advance).

The most important step to do for creating a catalog is the selection of the pictures. We took also the opportunity to reorder them.

Let’s get to work! We reordered the pictures taken over the past 20 years, mostly during our guide tours in the Dolomites. Thanks to our guides, photographers, clients, and friends we have a precious archive with stratospheric photos.

Selecting the pictures “only” to use them for a simple catalog?
The answer was NO WAY! We decided to set aside to catalog to focus on something bigger: we gave life to a special photo book of the Dolomites that we want to share with you.

  • 4 months into making
  • 27.000 pictures in our archive
  • 98 selected photos
Active holiday in the Dolomites

How did the idea of creating a photo book come about?

In our archive, we found a rich variety of pictures, from the most professional ones to the spontaneous ones or those that remind us of special events. We wanted to give them a particular importance, so we decided to collect the most beautiful and original ones in a photobook.

This book is for us also a resume of the past 20 years and we want to reach all Dolomites lovers. It should be a souvenir for those who have already visited the Dolomites, a first introduction for those who are planning to come here or simply for the dreamers who wish to travel in the Dolomites with their minds.

Do you want to discover the pictures inside?

We send you a copy of the photobook at home, so you can have a look at it and… dream about the Dolomites
🤫 pssst, it’s for free
Order it now:

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