The CoVid-19 lock down from my point of view

„Life at the limit“ in the Dolomites

First of all I would like to introduce myself: I‘m Astrid and I‘m working for Holimites since 8 years now. At the beginning as a full-time staff member und since the birth of my first daughter thankfully part-time. My role in Holimites is to keep everything under control, to take off some work from my bosses and to help my colleagues wherever it is possible. So as they say I do everything and anything!

In this blog I won‘t speak about numbers, facts or medical speculation. It will be all about my thoughts and how my everyday life changed during this crazy situation.

The state of emergency

The emergency started for me with February 23rd. The Coronavirus (CoVid-19) was at this time just something you could hear in the news. Sure, nearly all regions of North Italy were already affected, but here in the Dolomites all seemed still to be ok. The winter season was going on and we simply didn’t have any time to think at something different than keep on working for our winter guests.

It was the end of February when the virus turned my life upside down: the day care center for babies closed, also kindergarten closed and if all this wouldn‘t be enough it was peak season. I think I don‘t need to add anything else. 😮

At the beginning of March everything happened really fast: suddenly events were cancelled, opening hours of bars and restaurants were cut to a minimum. All this had no real sense, because plenty of tourists were still enjoying their vacation on the slopes. And then it came quicker than expected: hotels had to close and had to invite their guests to go home as soon as possible, lifts have been closed and suddenly all the “things” that we were watching on TV were here in the Dolomites and they were all real (as also for the rest of Italy).

At the moment we are starting the third week of lock down and I‘m slowly starting to get my everyday life under control, I’ve been able to nearly satisfy all family members. I said slowly because there are still a lot of moments where I‘m not able to keep myself calm 🌋.

Please don‘ t understand me wrong … I love my children more than anything else, but I‘m not the typical mum, who is happy to do the full time mama and housewife. I‘m a working person: I love it to go into the office and carry on my works. This time-out from „being mum“ keeps the right balance in my life. And it is exactly that balance that I‘m missing during this days.

Home office: working during the lock down
Home office during lock down in the Dolomites

My thoughts are currently busy with my job, trying to find the best possible solution to get out of this economical disaster. Booking requests are history, instead we are managing right now just cancellation and refund requests. A hard time for a travel agency!


Probably I‘m complaining too much. I know that I can consider myself lucky. My bosses are simply amazing: I can settle my working hours as it fits me the best, so actually I‘m working while the girls are sleeping. The rest of the time I play with my children in the garden or inside (now I really appreciate to have a large house with a garden).

But the most important thing of all is that all the people I love are safe and healthy…a thing that is not obvious at all now.

Let‘s see how it will go on…but one thing is sure. I will go on, no matter how long I will walk in the darkness, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.


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