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To really FEEL the Dolomites, don’t follow the crowds

Nobody could expect what happened this year in the Dolomites. Crowds of tourists stormed to the mountains. The queues on some trails and via ferratas were infinitely long.

Just one year ago, we talked about the risk of OVER TOURISM in the Dolomites. In spring, due to COVID-19, the expression turned to TOURISM is OVER.

When we saw the pictures taken by some tourists and posted on social media, we can definitely say that the term OVER TOURISM is correct. The long queues to reach the most popular Dolomites hotspots remind us of the long lines one would encounter at Disney Land.

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The Dolomites stormed by masses of tourists

As a tour operator and promoters of “Dolomites experiences,” we must also look at ourselves and say “Mea culpa“.
At Holimites, we realized that this version of tourism doesn’t reflect our philosophy at all. After seeing and experiencing this sad reality, we decided that we will no longer propose our program “Instagrammable Dolomites“. This was the holiday package where we led you to visit most of the Dolomites and South Tyrolean hotspots. The link to the offer will still work for a while. We will leave it there as a warning in case we get the strange idea to propose something similar in future.

Our main goal is to transmit to our clients the real way to experience mountain life, and the beauty and the silence of this special landscape. The mountains are the ideal place for those who want to relax and charge the batteries 💚, without arguing over a parking space or queuing on the paths.

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A special landscape in the Dolomites

The Dolomites during high season

The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.

Albert Einstein

We don’t want you to hike alone 😉. We want you to understand the advantages of entrusting the plan of your active holiday to local experts. They can show you alternative spots, and hidden pearls. These are places that you will not find in tourist guides (also written for the masses) with a walk of only 1-2 hours. We will take you to places far away from parking lots and/or ski lifts, where influencers in flip-flops, equipped with a drone and tent take the pictures, long before they would think about taking a hike.

As children, we used to go out and explore these beautiful places with our parents. Of course, we remember them, and in the meantime, we have come to learn them a second time as adults.
During high season, when the majority of the tourists visit the famous Braies Lake or climb on the most popular Via Ferratas, we retreat to places where we are sure to be alone.
In the late afternoon, the masses of people return to the valley – this is exactly the moment we like! We stay up in the mountains for the night, in one of the cozy hut 😊 Surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere, we can admire breathtaking sunsets and sunrises on the Dolomites peaks.

You won’t find remote places next to the road or at the top of a cablecar. The real mountaineers are exactly characterized in this sentiment: they don’t look for the easiest way, but for the most interesting one ⛰

The Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb

Anonymous quote

Remember that the excursions should not be organized according to the notoriety on Instagram, but by asking locals for their advice. In this way, you will find the tour best suited to your physical fitness and technical skills.

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A hiker exploring the Dolomites, surrounded by pure nature.

Getting out of the routine and surrounding yourself by pure nature is medicine for body and soul! We from the team Holimites know this exactly. To charge our batteries, we always look for hidden paths and remote places.
Don’t worry, we will not reveal the secrets: we will keep them for ourselves, and for our special guests.