Nature in times of coronavirus: this is a special spring 🌸

The world stands still, our life is upside down and we are no more allowed to live it the way we were used to. But nature doesn’t know that, she is not afraid or insecure, she keeps going and surprises us day by day.

Goat willow coloring the blue sky

We are at home and don’t really know how to manage all this free time … Why? Our society doesn’t give us time to think about ourselves, to be inventive, try new things, notice small details and take care about the people we love. Therefore, during the coronavirus lockdown we should take this opportunity to come down a bit and trying to focus on the important things in life 💚

We are used, or try to, have everything under control, but I think this time something went wrong 😅. Now we realize that we are really just passengers on this spaceship and home that we call earth.

The first crocuses are blooming

We are living our lives from home now, but Mother Nature continues to live and shows us her beauty 🌺 day after day. Meanwhile that our surrounding mountains are still covered by a white coat, snow is melting down into the Dolomites valleys. The first flowers are blooming – in white, yellow and purple. Deers and fawns are playing under the first morning sunrises. The swallows are back and they are dancing in the sun searching for a cozy place to build their nest and give new life.
In other words, nature doesn’t care at all about coronavirus 😉 This spring is very special: flora and fauna are being reborn without humane influence.

In the last days we realized that nature doesn’t need much time to regenerate herself. So, even when this crisis is over… let’s try to still be aware of her 😉😊


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