Magical power of the Dolomite herbs

Spruce Syrup: The healing power of the Dolomite herbs

Dolomite herbs: Spruce (Picea abies) syrup is a traditional, natural remedy. It helps again colds, bronchitis, phlegm and sore throat. The spruce tips contain lots of essential oils, resins, tannins and vitamin C. This syrup, thanks to its expectorant property, helps to free the respiratory tract from the accumulation of mucus.

Spruce tips are harvested in spring, as soon as the ends are light-colored. Therefore it is recommended to pick the tips when the moon is waxing, as a result, the strength of the plant is concentrated in the branches and needles.

Dolomite herbs: light-colored ends of the spruce are ready to be picked up
Spruce tip: light-colored ends are ready to be picked


  • 200g spruce tips
  • 400g cane sugar
  • jar

Wash the spruce tips and let them drain. Arrange a first layer of tips inside the preserving jar and cover the layer with cane sugar. The tip layer should be thicker as the sugar layer. Proceed in this way until the tips are finished, ending with a generous layer of sugar.
Close the jar and leave it in a sunny place. As soon as the spruce tips turn brown and the syrup has settled, it is ready (generally takes 3-4 weeks).
Filter the syrup and pour it into a jar. Store the finished syrup in a cool, dark place. The valuable essential oils and vitamins are well preserved in the spruce syrup and can thus be administered in autumn / winter.

Preversing glas with layers of sugar and spruce tips
One layer of sugar, one layer of spruce tips

Recommended dosage: 1 tbsp 3 to 4 times a day

Honey can also be used instead of sugar.
You can also add primroses or thyme to the spruce syrup. The flowers are said to help the spruce heal the lungs from a cold.

During the trekking “The Dolomites foodway” you will discover the aromatic herbs and flavors of the Dolomites. So take a look if you are interested to learn more about it.

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