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Trail Runner into the Dolomites
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Dolomites: the Covid-19 emergency brings a lot of uncertainties in our life. Here in South Tyrol, Phase 2 started some days ago. What exactly this means is also a big question.

We are getting our freedom back step by step. Enterprises and shops are now permitted to open their doors, and social life move slowly and finds its way back to normality. Hairdressers and beauty salons need to be patient for another couple of weeks. And what about mountain huts and hotels? There is no answer for them yet, but they are working on that.

We of Holimites want to take this new beginning as an opportunity, and to make the best out of it. If plan A isn’t manageable, we try it with plan B. If plan B fails, no worry, there are still 24 more letters in the alphabet.

One thing is sure: life after Covid-19 will no longer be the same. This can sound scary to us, as we are used to having things “under control,” but we can use this time to examine the things that are really important to us.

Quality over quantity – the Dolomites offer a lot of space

Amazing panorama on the Dolomites
The Dolomites offer a lot of space

We and our guests don’t need anything else! Crowded streets and shops are missing in the Dolomites, which makes it for us easier to keep the required distances. Nonetheless, we are conscious that this will be an extraordinary summer season. Extraordinary doesn’t need to be worse, it will just be different.

Every single guest should be valued. This has been the guiding line for long time in our small, family-owned businesses. It shouldn’t just be: “the guest of room 111”, but “Mrs. Jones or Family Smith,” and at the end of their vacation maybe: “Harry, Jessica and Emily.”

Time to treasure the small things!

Let us not take away the serenity and the joy of making vacation in the Dolomites. It’s ALL ABOUT THE SMALL THINGS and about giving things a different appreciation.

We keep the focus on three simple things

On the adventurous and spontaneous part of us. All of us know that the best things in life happen without any plan. Let us just enjoy day by day. Stop planning everything in advance and start to take the day as it comes.

Girl fills her water bottle straight from the source
The best water is straight from the source

On sustainability: let’s improve our quality of life. Let us consciously pay attention to the quality of things. Let us treat our valuable resources with care and respect. Let’s try to do more for ourselves and more for nature itself. For example, let’s try to avoid water in plastic bottles, the best (and most sustainable) water in the Dolomites comes directly from the tap.

Sunrise in the Dolomites
Being instead of appearance

On authenticity and the desire to go more towards “being” instead of appearance. Let’s just put all the cards on the table. The Dolomites are unique and beautiful. It is only up to us humans to love them as they really are. Let’s not try to change them, try make them adapt to our needs making a amusement park out of them.

What could be more authentic than participating in a tour from hut to hut (like the motto: “back to the roots”) with us? While getting to learn our local knowledge, culture and traditions?

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