Trail running and Trekking the Dolomites Alta Via’s just started

At the beginning of the Dolomites Trail Running and Trekking season we had plenty to do for being be able to reorganize the best way possible the first hut to hut Trail Running and Trekking of 2013. Reason was the huge amount of snow of the last winter that didn’t melt during the cold spring season.

After modifying some stages, skipping some north facing parts of the Dolomites Alta Via still covered by meters high snow packs, our guides where able to start as programmed on June 15th the first guided Trail Running and Trekking.

The pictures we have taken during this trips are amazing with rich colour contrasts starting from the green of the valleys to the snow covered peaks at high altitudes on the Fanes and Puez-Odle Natural Parks.

If you are dreaming to come and visit the Dolomites and this beautiful landscapes just contact us. Whatever it is a Dolomites Trail Running tour or a self-guided hut to hut hike we can arrange everything for you.

The Dolomites are waiting for you!

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