The 5 most photographed lakes of the Dolomites on Instagram

Also referred to as “Instagrammable”, these are the most popular places that are photographed and posted on Instagram. While every photo is unique, the common denominator driving the popularity of each these photos is a strong link between mountain, water and observer.

We searched for the 5 most photographed lakes in the Dolomites by the Instagram generation and here’s what we found:

1st Lake Braies – Val Pusteria

Lake Braies is nestled at the end of the Braies valley at the foot of the Croda del Becco. It dominates the rankings, without a close second, and a major reason for this is because it is easy to access directly by car.

After the success of the TV series “Un passo dal cielo” (a step from the sky) with Terence Hill, further popularized the already popular destination, during the peak season the locals have renamed it “A step from hell” because of the waves of visitors crowding this idyllic lake. In the high summer season it is common to find the road to the lake closed once the parking areas are full, in order to alleviate traffic jams. During these times it is required to park in the village of Villabassa and then take the designated shuttles to the lake.

Lake Braies is also the starting point for our Dolomites Alta Via #1 trekking and trail running on the Alta Via #1 of the Dolomites. For most of the first stage this gem set in the Dolomites will be the panoramic vista during our hike and run.

2nd Lake Sorapiss

Even though getting to this lake will make you work up a sweat—it takes at least 2 hours to reach the lake and just as many for the return trip—it still manages to steal second place in our rankings. That’s because everyone wants to see this turquoise lake at the foot of the Sorapiss! Even so, it is possible to be lucky enough to have the lake to yourself, but only if you go during the week. If you plan a weekend trip, you’re sure to find it as crowded as a beach on the Adriatic coast. We suggest a late afternoon departure, when all visitors are already on their way home.

3rd Lake Carezza

The Lake of Carezza mirrors the Latemar Massif; it is located in the dense woods of the Val d’Ega near the Costalunga pass and is easily accessible by car. It is impossible not to be fascinated by its crystal clear waters and by the legends of mermaids and magicians who live in its depths. In addition to fairy tales enthusiasts, Lake Carezza is a favorite destination for photographers and instagrammers who are drawn to her shores in order to capture the striking contrast between the rock of Latemar, the dense forests at its foot and the blue waters of the lake.

The best time to experience these spectacular colors is in June, when the water reaches its highest level, but unfortunately you will not be alone. In winter the landscape changes and the main color is the white of the snow: just as beautiful and fascinating and certainly less crowded!

4th Lake Valparola

The alpine lake of Valparola is located on the top of the symmetrical pass that connects Pian di Falzarego with the Alta Badia. History lovers rejoice! This pass holds considerable historical importance: during the First World War it marked the border between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy. In fact, there are numerous war remains that can be found throughout the area, from the characteristic path through trenches to the one-of-a-kind via ferrata that runs inside the mountain for more than 1 km, leading to the top of Lagazuoi.

The lake, located 5 minutes off the road, is clearly visible from the road and can be spotted by cyclists and motorcyclists who brave the pass, but it is a special treat for hikers who huff the paths leading to Sass de Stria or Setsass, which showcase the beauty of the mountain range’s famous colors. Hands down, the best time to be at the pass is sunset, when the red and orange alpenglow dye the intimate surface of the peaceful water, creating a magical spectacle.

5th Lake of Limides

Lake Limides is located south-east of Falzarego and north of Croda Negra and its waters reflect the Sass de Stria, Averau and Tofana di Rozes. It is particularly loved by families because it is easy to reach even with their children by taking an easy path that starts from col Gallina. This small pearl is formed thanks to rainwater and melting snow in spring: it is like a huge puddle where inside you can see the reflections of the Dolomite peaks. For this reason it advisable not to wait too long to reach the lake if you want to see it in all its beauty; in August, in years of low rain and snow, you risk finding it very small or even not finding it at all!

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