Thank you everyone!!! We are back on-line!


Web developers and content writing professionals know how difficult it is to design a site that is both attractive and interesting to a large number of people and as user-friendly as possible.

Initial planning for the new Holimites website started last December and, after 12 laborious months of extensive corrections, adjustments and fine-tuning, we are truly happy to announce that it is ready to be navigated by our visitors!

Yet, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve such excellent results based on our efforts alone. We were fortunate to work with an absolutely wonderful team of partners, and their valuable collaboration is what made this project possible. We are very grateful to:

Graphic Design:
Caterina Romio and the entire no.parking team: when we fist met, they turned us upside down and inside out, thoroughly digging into what we did. Thank you for all the questions – they helped us to better understand and improve ourselves!

Antonio Giuliani and the entire e-side team: they probably often wondered if we’d disappeared, but we were only trying to find the best way to tell you that some sections were going to change completely – again! Thank you for all your patience!

Fabio Sardi and his SFSoft: we could canonize him, considering all the times we changed our mind and all the times he had to start all over again on sections that were supposedly ready for publication! We truly apologize, but we can’t deny our meticulous nature!

PatitucciPhoto represented by Dan and Janine Patitucci. They are our American photographers but, more than anything, they are our friends, and we think Holimites and their pictures is a perfect match! Thanks, guys!

Alfred Erardi, a local Ladin photographer who allowed us to use his wonderful nature photographs of the Dolomites. If you come to Alta Badia, you absolutely have to see his shows, organized periodically by the tourist offices.

Werner Pescosta, author of “La storia dei ladini delle Dolomiti” (The history of the Ladins in the Dolomites), a book that achieved great success. He was our key consultant for the section “Discover the Dolomites”: Dar bel Giulan!

Valentina Bertoldo, our copywriter from nanostudio, who modified and improved all our texts!

Randi Becht, who did the English translations and, while doing so, learned a lot about our Ladin history and the geology of the Dolomites. 😉

Sarah Niederkofler, Oskar’s cousin. At first she may have been overwhelmed by the amount of texts to translate but in the end – in addition to doing very good translations – she also suggested a lot of details to add: Vielen Dank!
Andreas, Alessandra, Cindi, Claudia, Claudio, Cristine, David, Elias, Emmi, Giorgio, Günther, Luciana, Lukas, Marco, Miriam, Stefan, Susann and Werner

…they were our guinea pigs from the initial conception of the new website. Not a month went by without our requests to look at the work in progress and give us their opinions.

And, last but not least, wholehearted congratulations to all of the members of the Holimites Team: Andrea, Astrid, Giorgia, Oskar and Igor. We never gave up during these long months and put all our efforts into making this project happen. We can now truly be proud of finally seeing our new website online!!!

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