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How did the latest Holimites Trail Running tour come about?

Trail Running Dolomites Traverse by Holimites

Dolomites Trail Running Traverse by Holimites – Foto: ©PatitucciPhoto

With no real intention, we realized Holimites had been offering something new in trail running activities every 3 years.

Our first hut-to-hut trail running tour across the Dolomites was in 2007; this covered the traditional paths of the Alta Via 1. Trail running on the Alta Via 2 followed in 2010. In 2013, we asked clients which were their favorite runs and stops along the AV1 and AV2. What resulted is a tour that has become our absolute bestselling sports package: “The Best of Alta Via 1 and 2” for trail runners. It combines the most stunning locations of the Dolomite’s classic AV1 and 2.

The summer of 2016 will introduce Holimites’ newest trail running bonanza.

To create this latest tour, we took a novel approach by setting ourselves these 3 objectives:

1) It can’t be a carbon copy of one of the classic Dolomite Alta Vias and it has to avoid the same trails we already offer in other programs.
This time around we wanted to spice things up by creating our own, unique signature tour. Thanks to the multitude of trails that connect Dolomite mountain huts, it’s pretty easy to put together a beautiful itinerary like pieces of a big puzzle. Although we weren’t able to totally avoid stretches along trails offered on our other programs, we were able to limit this to just 8 km of the total 106 km…and those 8 are distributed throughout the stages. Not bad!

As we charted the route on paper, in-house we affectionately baptized the new traverse: “The Holimites Alta Via”.

2) It has to give the “Wow” effect.

Trail Running Dolomites Traverse by Holimites


Of course, the Dolomites are famous for flaunting a plethora of breathtaking scenery and trails set amongst spectacular peaks. But, when pressed to choose, which highpoints are really “postcard perfect” and will last significantly in a trail runner’s recollection? Close your eyes and imagine you’re running through the first trail stage at the foot of the 3 Cime di Lavaredo. Your guide stops you and he or she points out the mountains that you will cover on your first 3 stages. The same thing will happen every day: you’ll get a sneak-peak of the next 3 stages in your scenic odyssey. “Wow”!

3) It has to have the best trails suited to running.
The Alta Vias 1 and 2 tours mirror the classic outdoor hiking route that, in certain spots, can be demanding to run on unless you’re a hardened vet like Kilian Jornet or Jenn Shelton (who was our trail running guest a few years ago). That’s why we designed the “Best of Alta Via 1 and 2″ program.

We wanted to push ourselves a little further on our newest tour. Hut-to-hut and stage-to-stage, we chose the trails that are most appropriate to trail running without compromising stunning panoramas of the Dolomite Mountains.  

That’s how the Trail Running Dolomites Traverse was born! (Between you and me, we won’t mind if you call it the Holimites Alta Via.) An extraordinary running adventure through the Dolomites, following dawn to dusk from East to West!

Anxious to know more? Dates and details are available on our website at the following link.

By the way…did you count how many times we repeated the number “three”? That means, if you’ve already strutted your stuff with us on two of our Dolomite trail running programs…as the old saying goes: All good things come in THREES!

Trail Running Dolomites Traverse by Holimites

Trail Running Dolomites Traverse by Holimites

Holimites honored by OUTSIDE Travel Awards 2014

Outside Travel Awards LogoBADIA, Dolomites (March 4, 2014) – OUTSIDE, America’s leading active lifestyle brand, has selected HOLIMITES as an honoree of their annual Travel Awards, which celebrate the top destinations, companies, products, and travel providers—in the U.S. and around the world—that inspire people to participate in an active lifestyle. HOLIMITES was honored as BEST TRAIL RUNNING. The entire list of honorees appear in OUTSIDE’s April issue (on newsstands March 18), and online at www.outsideonline.com/travelawards.

This year, OUTSIDE tapped its global network of correspondents, who traveled across America, to Belize, Switzerland, Italy, and beyond, identifying the best new adventures, stunning lakes, gorgeous new lodges and hotels, family vacations, secret getaways, high-tech airports, and foodie hotspots. The result is more than 50 spectacular trips, plus the best travel apps, tour guides, gear, tips for traveling green, and advice for traveling solo.

“Since we founded HOLIMITES in year 2000 our goal is always to make the holiday in the Dolomites for all our guests unforgettable. The OUTSIDE Travel Award honoree is for the whole HOLIMITES team, starting from our guides to the office staff, one of the best rewards we ever received and we are looking forward to greet all new guests in the Dolomites”
said HOLIMITES CEO Igor Tavella

“Whether you’re looking to go big for an expedition, splurge on a luxurious paradise, or plan an epic family trip, OUTSIDE has unearthed fifty travel gems that will inspire you to renew that passport,”
said OUTSIDE Editor Chris Keyes.

Detailed information about HOLIMITES is available on the company website at www.holimites.com 

About OUTSIDE: OUTSIDE is America’s leading active lifestyle brand. Since 1977, OUTSIDE has covered travel, sports, adventure, health, and fitness, as well as the personalities, the environment, and the style and culture of the world Outside. The OUTSIDE family includes OUTSIDE magazine, the only magazine to win three consecutive National Magazine Awards for General Excellence, The Outside Buyer’s Guides, Outside Online, Outside Television, Outside Events, Outside+ tablet edition, Outside Books, and now Outside GO, a revolutionary, 21st-century adventure-travel company. 

Outside Travel Awards Issue Cover

Jenn Shelton teams up with Andreas Irsara for the GORE-TEX® Transalpine Run

Andreas Irsara ©Mia Battaglia

Those of you who did trail running in the Dolomites with us in past summers are already familiar with Andreas (a.k.a “Tata”). But, very few of you know that aside from being one of our main Trail Running guides, (among his many athletic abilities!) he is also an excellent backcountry skier. For two years now he’s entered in trail competitions such as the Lavaredo Ultra Trail, the ISF European Skyrunning Championships and the Trans D’Havet through the Piccole Dolomiti, winning spots on the podium!

Then there’s Jenn: a thirty-something American who lives in Oregon – not so well-known in Italy – who is both enfant terrible and child prodigy and just runs, runs, runs…on roads, in forests or up and down mountains at supersonic speed. She’s so fast she still holds the record for the fastest 100-miles Ultrarun today.

Jenn Shelton ©PatitucciPhoto

She even qualified for the 2013 Olympic Marathon Trials with a time of 2:41. Wild but extremely sensitive and intelligent, she champions healthy nutrition and minimalist running – no wonder she’s an ambassador for the environmentally-friendly brand par excellence: Patagonia. There’s more on the “Brujita’s” (Little Witch) adventures and lifestyle to whet your interest in Christopher McDougall’s best-selling book on minimalist running: “Born to Run”

We met Jenn by pure chance one winter when she was here in Alta Badia on vacation with a group of friends on a Holimites tour. Given our mutual love of sports, it was friendship at first sight and the idea to participate in the GORE-TEX® Transalpine Run in September 2014 was born!

What is it all about?
The 2014 GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE-RUN takes place from 30 August to 6 September and is one of the toughest stage runs in the world, celebrating its 10th Edition this year. During the 8 stages, 350 two-member teams will cross the Alps for about 293 km distance starting at Ruhpholding, Germany, and ending at Sesto di Pusteria, Italy – accumulating a total of 13,730 m of elevation gain. Each stage clocks up an average of 40+ kilometers and over 2,000 m of ascent.

This is the first time Jenn and Andreas have entered the GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE-RUN and their team name is:


Aside from being the official sponsor of the event, GORE-TEX® is also the official supplier of Holimites’ Trail Running and Trekking guides. GORE-TEX® believes so strongly in this team to have become its co-sponsor together with Holimites – just one more reason for us to try and put our best foot forward at this spectacular event.

Once the winter season is over in the Dolomites and in Colorado, Jenn and Andreas will start preparing specifically for this event and you’ll be able to follow their training on Facebook and Twitter.

That’s not all: after the GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE-RUN Jenn will again be our guest and you’ll have the unique opportunity to meet her and run with her, as well as with Andreas, and practice Yogaxrunners during the Holimites Trail Running week “The best of Alta Via 1&2” from 6 to 13 September 2014!

During the last holiday in the Dolomites we took Jenn to take part at one of the many ski randonneering night races in the Dolomites.

The official trailer of the event:

Trail running and Trekking the Dolomites Alta Via’s just started

At the beginning of the Dolomites Trail Running and Trekking season we had plenty to do for being be able to reorganize the best way possible the first hut to hut Trail Running and Trekking of 2013. Reason was the huge amount of snow of the last winter that didn’t melt during the cold spring season.

After modifying some stages, skipping some north facing parts of the Dolomites Alta Via still covered by meters high snow packs, our guides where able to start as programmed on June 15th the first guided Trail Running and Trekking.

The pictures we have taken during this trips are amazing with rich colour contrasts starting from the green of the valleys to the snow covered peaks at high altitudes on the Fanes and Puez-Odle Natural Parks.

If you are dreaming to come and visit the Dolomites and this beautiful landscapes just contact us. Whatever it is a Dolomites Trail Running tour or a self-guided hut to hut hike we can arrange everything for you.

The Dolomites are waiting for you!