Snow like flour


January 2013:

as it happens almost every morning during the winter months, in addition to the the work at the Holimites headquarters, I get up to teach people to ski.

Looking out of the window, I see a heavy snowfall accompanied by fog and I must admit that initially the desire to leave bed&home isn’t big (really!!!). But duty calls and so I went to the local ski school. Once I have on my boots and ski’s I realize that this is my passion and not only just a work, despite the bad weather.

So here I’m with my little Australian student who already skis on slopes of most difficulties. We are among the first skiers at the top of the Col Alto in Corvara. In front of us only 2 or 3 skiers draw some lines on the fresh snow. The silence, the soft contours of the snow, the incredibly fresh and pure air…at this moment i realize how lucky I am.

My skis glide down the slope, the snow feels like flour and I think of my childhood… the afternoons when I baked cookies with my grandma, or rather, she baked them and I used to put my hands in the flour and spread it all over the table, it was beautiful.

In this January morning, I felt incredible emotions and watching this kid I realized that he was very happy and felt very lucky to ski in the Dolomites together with me. Returning home he said to me that was just “cool”.

In the afternoon, back to work in the office of Holimites, I felt the need to share this experience with you… Maybe you even have the desire to get some “powder”.

Giorgia Holimites Staff (Ski instructor version)




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