See you on December 21st 2012 at 21:12


Once upon a time… we write the day December 12th in year 2000, five young hoteliers from Alta Badia, sighted on the potentials of the web and tired of not being taken seriously by the rest of the local hotel colleagues, presented for the first time to the public, a project of online booking tailored for the local area to which only a few believed.

12 years later, with much more experience but still a touch of madness, those hoteliers are ready to close symbolically this “era” and to open a new one: on December 12th 2012 at 12:12, the website of, so as you knew it, is not anymore accessible. These days we are working on the relaunch of a brand new website, whose project has started 12 months ago.

The absence will be brief, of course, we continue to answer your e-mails. In the meantime you can follow our daily life on Facebook and Twitter. But you can also browse through our new catalog 2013 plenty of offers for the next season:


The Mayas predicted the end of an era, but the Holimites team is happy to continue a new one and we wait you to welcome the new website on December 21st at 21:12! 


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