Rediscovering our Home, the Dolomites

During these months of partial lockdown we ventured around the Dolomites discovering new corners and passions.

Humanity is going through quite a dark period. Who would have ever imagined in March that COVID would be with us for almost a year?

We certainly didn’t. Ladins are used to working hard. Thanks to tourism, especially winter tourism, would never have imagined that one day we would be sitting at a table celebrating Christmas and New Year Eve.
Well, this year it was just like that, and it must be said that in the midst of the tragedy of it all, we also took some pleasure. We can’t deny it.

Obviously we would have preferred to have you with us, to be able to work to earn our daily bread. Since our hands were tied, we took the opportunity and fed ourselves with positivity, because after all, you have to be optimistic and you have to strive to see a hint of light at the end of this endless tunnel. Otherwise what sense would all this have?

We would like to tell you how we at Holimites have spent these months waiting for the lifts to finally open and for the winter season to begin.

Girl with blue jacket sitting in the snow with her arms and legs in the air in the dolomites

First of all, as already mentioned, everyone had a pleasant Christmas with their families. This hadn’t happened for years, since most of us work or have family members working in the tourism sector who have never been able to take their holidays during the Christmas period. It was a simple but warm Christmas, peaceful and quiet, having lunch or dinner together. For many, it was probably the best and most desired gift.

Nature has given us a dreamy winter, with lots of snow covering our valleys and mountains in white. Lots of sunny days which have given us the opportunity to take advantage of our free time to do some snowshoeing, walking or ski touring in the Dolomites. We enjoyed our Home to the fullest as we have never done before. People rediscovered the infinite beauty of these imposing mountains spending the days outdoors, without thinking to go back to work.
We walked new paths, discovering new corners and passions.

Astrid and her husband enjoyed time with their daughters, taking them ice-skating or sledging, making a snowman and biscuits.

Marina, who loves ski touring, did not stop for a second. She took every opportunity to go for a ride, and enjoy every curve of this enchanting snow.

Girl on skis downhill on a deep snow slope in the Dolomites
Marina enjoying every single curve of this fresh powder.

Nadine rediscovered the pleasure of surfing the fresh snow on a board after a hard climb with it on her back.

Susi has taken advantage of this period to do lots of crosscountry skiing and ski touring.

Girl on skis uphill on a deep snow slope in the Dolomites
Susi surrounded by the snowy Dolomites.

We have strengthened our awareness of how lucky we are to live in this little corner of paradise. Of course, we know that many people are not that lucky. This is why we can’t wait to welcome you back to the Dolomites and let you spend some time surrounded by nature, leaving all thoughts behind.
So back in the office, concentrating ourselves on the summer season. Putting together new packages so that they can fit all mountain lovers and give you the opportunity to take a break from all the chaos.

All of us are confident and hopeful that we will soon be able to welcome you again and give you moments of lightheartedness and joy.

Because at the end of the day that is what makes us happy too –
to share our mountains with you.

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