Passo Campolongo: Ridi, ridi!

What’s there to laugh about when you’ve got to sweat it out!

Holimites doesn’t hide its passion for road cycling, an obsession that’s led us to become the official tour operator for the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel for 10 years now. Holimites also just turned 18 on December 21, 2018. Now that we’re free to do almost whatever we want, we were obliged to celebrate this occasion together with our cycling “colleagues”.

To commemorate this event, we designed a cycling cap memento dedicated to the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel climbs – exclusive caps with a different exclamation for each pass.

Passo Campolongo:

Cappellino Passo Campolongo cycling cap
Cappellino Passo Campolongo cycling cap

The first cap had to be dedicated to the Campolongo Pass at 1,875m – the first pass in the Maratona that cyclist climb, feeling fresh and energized…and are still laughing. Right! You won’t be laughing for long because things will change quickly at the second passage to Campolongo!

Our caps are also available for purchase from our online shop

What’s the next cap? Follow us – we’ll be waiting for you on the “Pordoi”!

Cappellino Passo Pordoi cycling cap

Cappellino Passo Pordoi cycling cap

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