Where is my pajama?

We are sure this is the first question one of our guests asked when arriving back home. As soon the suitcases after a short trip to the Dolomites where open the surprise! Something is missing.

At Holimites we are collecting every month various stuff from our guests that we need to send back. The most common object are technical things like smartphone chargers followed by point and shoot cameras. We really can’t remember anymore last time we had a piece of clothing.

Dolomites pajama

What about this pink polka dot pajama?

Did the owner just left it back because the suitcases were full of souvenirs and gifts for friends from the Dolomites and no place left for the pajama?

Did the owner just forget to pack it?

Did the pajama hide because he wanted to enjoy some more days in the Dolomites?

We found the pajama in a position that looked like a CSI Dolomites crime scene. We felt so sorry for that we temporarily adopted him and nicknamed the pajama Polky.

Before sending it on the way back home we wanted to make sure he had some more great days in the Dolomites.

After being hidden under the bed quilts for too long it was time to take Polky to the must-see place par excellence of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. We took the lift from our hometown of Badia up to the La Crusc/Santa Croce Sanctuary. The lift employees didn’t know how to charge the run for Polky so we opted for the classical clandestine solution:

Dolomites pajama

Once at the top Polky was realizing how lucky he was. Instead of being pressed, pushed, tortured in a suitcase, on a 10+ hours trip, encircled by socks and every kind of underwear that didn’t see any water for weeks, he was instead here, in the Dolomites, filling up his lungs with fresh crispy air:
Dolomites pajama

He wanted to try how it feels to be hung on a mountain barn to get dry:
Dolomites pajama

It felt so great, there in the sun, that even Susann from our staff took some time to soak up some afternoon sun:
Dolomites pajama

From the Sas dla Crusc Sanctuary the view on the Dolomites is superb. Lagazuoi peak, Setsass, Marmolada, Piz Boé, Sassongher, Gardenacia, Pütia, Möseler, Löffler …. there are so many mountain peaks you can see from there:

Dolomites pajama

But soon or later it was time to leave and for Polky to get ready for a first class trip back home. A last run on the Sas dla Crusc slope towards valley was on the program:
Dolomites pajama

Leaving for home smelly? No way, Polky did some laundry for real:
Dolomites pajama

Ironing was of course included in our special service for Polky:
Dolomites pajama

And here the picture of the last time we saw Polky! We hope it arrived safe back home and that the owner will never forget such a great pajama around the world … as it is hard to find some people like the Holimites team to take such care ;-)
Dolomites pajama


Fat Bike Dolomites Tour – big is beautiful

150109_fatbike_15The chorus of an old Queen hit says, “Fat bottomed girls, you make the rocking world go round” and we could change it hands down into “Fat wheeled bikes, you make the rocking world go round”.

Pedaling, sliding and skidding on the snow is really not something new in Italy. Back in 2010, the Italian kids’ news forum, GTRagazzi had filmed a TV report on this odd winter sport with precisely one of the Holimites tour operator founders as its “leading star”:

Actually, some of our valley folk started two-wheel descents along snowy slopes to train and improve their riding skills for the summer mountainbike season even earlier – in 2000!

Back then only expert mountainbike riders could meet that kind of challenge but, thanks to the fairly recent arrival of “fatties” on the scene, many more of you can now join in on the fun: these “large frame ladies” simply float over deep snow and make pedaling a pure pleasure.

Our “Holimites boys” – true two-wheeled fanatics – recently took these “big bottomed babes” on a few rides and because they had so much fun – like kids at a playground (see the link at the end of the page to believe it) – they felt they just had to share the experience with others.

Starting this winter, you can sign up for a weekly Fat Bike Ride with Holimites, taking the lifts uphill and riding down beautiful snow-covered trails on a fatty. Outings are organized each Tuesday, but can be arranged on other days upon request.

Download the detailed program from this link.

Also take a look at the pictures and videos taken during our Fat Bike day at the playground … I mean, on the trails in Alta Badia!

Fat Bike Dolomites Fat Bike Dolomites Fat Bike Dolomites

Holimites or Lovemites (Lovomites sounds also fine)

A nice article featuring one of our Holimites Trekking tours on the Dolomites Alta Via #2 came out recently on Backpackers Magazine on and off-line edition.

Love on the Rocks Backpackers Magazine

The writer Brendan Leonard, that is the blogger behind semi-rad.com joined us together with photographer and friend Dan Patitucci in 2013 during our classic Alta Via #2.
The goal was to shoot great images for our catalogue and Brendan was one of our models together with Jennifer … a really beautiful girl. We always wonder how Dan is always able to find this ‘pearls’ creating sometimes a lot of trouble among our male guides (right Tata?) during our hikes.

Bottom line … what came out of this 9 days hike is a fantastic story that you can read on Backpackers Magazine on-line edition (if you didn’t get the printed one).

And that’s not the first time that our trekking and trailrunning tours end in some kind of LOVE story. So don’t wonder if like the Loveboat you will read about us like the Lovemites team ;-)

GORE-TEX® Transalpine Run 10th edition

Transalpinerun 2014 In February we wrote about our participation with a team composed by the ultrarunner Jenn Shelton and our trailrunning guide Andreas Irsara at the 10th edition of the Gore-Tex Transalpine run.

We knew that this was a really strong team that could be able to demonstrate his value on the field. It came out out even better by finishing at the 3rd stage on the 2nd place and at the 5th stage on the 1st place.

All participants are real STARS, from the first to the last ones and our team GORE-TEX®-Holimites.com ended the 8 stage race in 7th position.

Only 3 weeks before Jenn tried again to beat the John Muir Trail record together with Krissy Moehl. She fighted over the 211 miles in 4 days and hours. You may find some more information of the past JMT attempts by Jenn on the following link and the blog post about this

Transalpine Run 2014

year attempt by Krissy Moehl at this link.

All this didn’t stop Jenn to join Andreas on the Transalpine Run and afterwards to join our last trail running group of the season running the best parts of the Dolomites Alta Via #1 and #2 trail with our guests.
A huge THANK YOU to Jenn and Andreas for a week plenty of emotions … and browser refreshing to check how the race was going on!

Transalpine Run 2014

A more complete picture gallery is available on our Facebook page or scroll through our media in Instagram and Twitter.

Some more stats about the 10th edition of the Transalpine Run 2014:

Date: 30/08/2014 – 06/09/2014
Stages: 8
Km: 293
Altitude Gain: 13.730 m
Website: http://www.transalpine-run.com/

Video about the 10th edition: