How long did it take to make the new website?

I was a bit curious, so I went to check it out. The file with the first draft of the graphic layout done by the no.parking team was dated February 24, 2017. So, counting from this date until the site’s online publication on March 6, 2018, exactly 375 days have gone by!

Then again, about the same amount of time was spent postponing redesigning the new holimites website. When you think about how much work it involves, creating a new site is one of the things you try to delay as much as you can.

If you take a look at the 5 restyling moments of the holimites site, this is what always occurs:

  • euphoria
    creating something new is always gratifying
  • doubts
    As the first layouts roll in, so do the first challenges: “Is this gonna work?”, “Will they find the button with the package information?”, “Should we move this here and put something else there?” and so on. We show the mock-ups to all our friends, asking them the most absurd questions to see how they react to this phase of hybrid navigation.
  • back to the start
    Our challenges multiply when graphic designer meets website designer – in our case, the fabulous team at E-Side. The doubts we had at stage 1 become nightmares and we start tinkering with the graphic elements. Then, once again, we take the proofs back to our friends – our, er…guinea pigs – to test their reaction.
  • from old to new
    “We can still use some of the content from the old website!” …..Yeah, right!!! Of course, some of it can be used again, but most of the content gets re-written, re-touched and double-checked.
  • the first beta is online
    Fantastic! We can see a shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. First trial, then test. Drat! It doesn’t work the same on mobile devices! It’s not gonna work. Time to change a few things… again.
  • “Well, since we’re already working on this, why not…?”
    This is the phrase that, if overly abused (as we admittedly have done), makes webmasters go bananas (Antonio, please forgive us!). Making the website might have taken half the time it did had it not been for this remark – because as soon as it was said, you bet it meant those sections on the site were going to be done from scratch.
  • “Please, please, no more!” or test, test, test and test again
    This is probably the hardest stage to endure. You can’t stand to see the graphic design you were ecstatic about months ago. There seems to be no logic in the site’s operation and you’re once again tempted to change what you had agreed on months before. In this phase, you begin to accept the fact that you will NEVER resolve all the problems of the early stages and you just hope that once online….someone out on the web will be quick to point out the problems you didn’t catch, so you can promptly fix them.
  • We’re online!
    Refresh the browser and … breathe a sigh of relief!

Here’s the new website!

Thanks to the outstanding graphic designers at no.parking and the web design team at E-Side – both of Vicenza – for their patience and professionalism. We’ve been working with them since 2000…when Holimites was founded.

This how we looked like:

Holimites pre 2018

How we look now:

Holimites new website

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