Ladin Easter traditions in the Dolomites

We would like to take you on a journey through the Ladin Easter traditions in the Dolomites.

A very popular custom is the “cufada”, the game of the hard-boiled* eggs. 
Pick uo theEaster eggs and leave only the end uncovered. Beat the eggs alternately against each other: first the two tips, then the flatter sides.
The winner is the one whose Easter egg remains whole. The strongest egg wins and the winner receives the opponent’s broken egg as a trophy.

*for a great prank you could also take a raw egg 😂😉

Children playing the game of the hard-boiled eggs. Ladin Easter traditions
Ladin Easter traditions: la cufada

We take you with us during our “cufada” on Easter Sunday.
Watch this video and guess which egg will be the strongest…

🐣 Maundy Thursday: the Easter eggs are painted traditionally on this day.
Natural materials such as onionskin, flowers, leaves and herbs are used.

🐣 Easter Sunday: a special decorated basket containing ham, colored Easter eggs, pretzels (sweat bread) and horseradish root (cren) are taken to the church to get blessed during the Easter mass. In ladin this is called the “Benedì”, the blessed meal.

🐣 Easter Monday: A special and thrilling day for young man that usually begins on March 19th (St. Joseph’s day) where a young man will woo the young lady with their feelings and will tell her that he will collect his eggs on Easter Monday. The young lady decides how many eggs she wants to give to the man. And this number is also the answer: all man visiting her will receive 2 eggs as an Easter gift and as a thank you for the visit, 4 eggs is the answer to those the girl will turn down and 6 special decorated eggs are given to the luckiest one.

For this Easter we wish you a lot of colorful Easter eggs, your Holimites team 🐰

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