How to personalize the new Holimites Van?

It’s always fun when we need to decide for a new graphic design. We know from the beginning that many of our ideas and decisions will be revolutionized by our graphic design team at no.parking but we still give them some guidelines.

Last fall we decided to purchase a van to be able to offer an even better service to our customers like the hut to hut baggage transport during our trekking and trail running programs and of course the airport transfers for our guests to the Dolomites. Spring arrived and when we picked up the van it was time to think about how to personalize it with our holimites brand.

On one of our weekly meetings Igor just took some white papers and we knew that we had to do some homework for the next meeting. This white papers needed some colors from the Holimites team and it was a good occasion to bring to light our hidden artistic talent.

Surely the end result produced by no.parking is the most beautiful:

Holimites Van

Holimites Van

but here’s a selection of our drawings in no special order. All this in order to help our graphic design team at no.parking to get to the final result:

1 – Artist: Astrid

2 – Artist: Giorgia

3 – Artist: Igor

4 – Artist: Igor

5 – Artist: Oskar


6 – Artist: Igor

7 – Artist: Astrid


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