Up until a few years ago, before call answering came about, we didn’t even know that the funny symbol on the bottom right of every telephone keypad had a name. When a female voice then asked us to press the “pound key” or “hashtag”, we’d try to guess as to which key it was…it was neither a number nor the star key…luckily, there was only one choice left…it was kind of like being a contestant on “Millionaire”.

Today, all that has changed. What once seemed to be an insignificant symbol on a keypad has become one of the most important symbols of social networking sites. Come to think of it, something similar happened to our beloved “@ sign”. Did anyone really know what it was called before the advent of personal E-mail addresses?

The hashtag has earned its popularity thanks to Twitter, where it was first proposed by Chris Messina in 2007 as a system to easily search for groups and topics of similar interest:

Nowadays, we see hashtags used everywhere, to invite people to comment or discuss an event, a television show and much more. The use of hashtags on Twitter has since expanded to the Instagram and Facebook media sites.

We here at Holimites came up with this idea:

“Why not group all the skiers and snow enthusiasts on the Dolomites under a single hashtag?”

So, if you’re skiing or spending a relaxing vacation among the Dolomite spires this winter, join us on any social media network by using the #dolomitesski hashtag and share your thoughts with the community.

Here’s a first set of pictures taken by our friends and us as a starter:

And, if you want to search for published comments directly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, click on the following links:

#dolomitesski Facebook
#dolomitesski Twitter
#dolomitesski Instagram

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