Dolomites guided Trekking and Trailrunning programs come to an end

September: when in the Dolomites autumn start to knock at our doors and at morning hours meadows are covered by dew (but sometimes even snow), it’s the time of the year when also our guided Trekking and Trailrunning programs on the Dolomites Alta Via’s come to an end.

This year with the new Trekking and Trailrunning offer “The Best of Alta Via #1 and #2″ that was organized together with the special Yoga excercises for Trekkers and Trail runners by Tite Togni we had the honour to guide 3 amazing groups of guests from all around the world showing them the beauty of the Dolomites.

Last but not least we had Mia Battaglia covering the role of official photographer during this hike that collected some amazing pictures and soon more HD pics will be published on our Flickr page.

In the meantime just click on the picture and look at the day by day photostream on Facebook:

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And here some tweets from our special guests:




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