Does insecurity destroy our desire to travel?

Wait a minute, we need to rephrase the question!
Because uncertainty doesn’t destroy OUR DESIRE TO TRAVEL. The desire to travel and to discover new things is bigger than ever before.

Especially in such situations of uncertainty and fear, the desire to escape from everyday life increases.

Man on the mountains looking forward to travel again
Looking forward to traveling: escape from everyday life

For this reason, the question should be:
“Do we have the courage to book our vacation in such an uncertain moment?”

Let’s make a point of the situation

As a travel agency (Holimites organizes not only active vacations in the Dolomites, but also trips around the world), we would like to take stock.
We probably don’t need to mention that the year 2020 is a very special travel year due to COVID-19.

When the COVID-19 emergency broke out at the beginning of the year, we were still convinced that it was only a short, temporary phase. But unfortunately, this “phase” was more persistent and protracted than presumed.

Summer season was just around the corner and the requests were almost non-existent during springtime. Even when people could theoretically travel again, the bookings had been a long time in coming.

It took some time until the season got rolling. But the desire to travel, finally conquered, in most of the people, the uncertainty. The Dolomites (thanks to the large open spaces and the fresh, healthy air) were literally assailed.

In autumn, as predicted, the number of new infections and the alarm level have risen.
The uncertainty of booking and committing oneself is now more present than ever before.

So many questions and doubts

A lot of questions regarding travelling

Numerous questions buzz around in our heads: how will COVID-19 develop in the future? Can I still travel at all? If so, where is it safe travel? Do I have to accept a quarantine if I want to travel? How will traveling change?

Unfortunately, also we, as a travel agency, don’t have all the answers to these questions.
But we would like to support the joy of travel, the desire for adventure, and to help silence this voice of uncertainty.


You, our guests are important, so we will try to meet your needs and find an honest compromise in the event that your plans change due to COVID-19.
We want to remove at least one factor, the uncertainty of how to manage the booking:

we will not charge any penalty if COVID-19 does not allow the journey.
We will find alternatives and help you reorganize your trip.

Plan and book your vacation, and look forward to it!
In the worst-case scenario, we will help you to rebook and rethink! Professional travel agencies with a personal touch are here for this 😉

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