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FIS Ski Worldcup @ Gran Risa – Alta Badia – Dolomites

We are fans of every sport, the internet and social media. This said we wanted to experiment something new related to big sport events in the Dolomites. And the best occasion was the biggest event of the skiing season in the Dolomites, the Giant Slalom of the FIS Ski Worldcup held again on the famous Gran Risa slope in La Villa – Alta Badia.

A few days before the event we started to check for pictures posted on the various social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram related to the the coming race on the Gran Risa. Most of the pictures were published by athletes already training on the nearby “Bamby 2″ slope that had the same icy conditions as the Gran Risa. The picture that got more likes and shares was the one of Mr. GS (Giant Slalom) Ted Ligety:


Our idea was to collect the pictures taken by skiing fans and post them in a single post on this blog. Honestly, in addition to photos published by the Holimites team or the tourist board Alta Badia, we thought just a few more would come in. But we happily noticed that there is a huge crowd out there that posted a lot of pictures during the racing weekend. It was hard to filter them out of the social networks, but we did our best to collect the most significant ones and put them on a Storify board as a little slideshow to remember this edition of the event. We hope you enjoy the slideshow and in case you plan to ski on the Dolomites slopes one day just check our website




Up until a few years ago, before call answering came about, we didn’t even know that the funny symbol on the bottom right of every telephone keypad had a name. When a female voice then asked us to press the “pound key” or “hashtag”, we’d try to guess as to which key it was…it was neither a number nor the star key…luckily, there was only one choice left…it was kind of like being a contestant on “Millionaire”.

Today, all that has changed. What once seemed to be an insignificant symbol on a keypad has become one of the most important symbols of social networking sites. Come to think of it, something similar happened to our beloved “@ sign”. Did anyone really know what it was called before the advent of personal E-mail addresses?

The hashtag has earned its popularity thanks to Twitter, where it was first proposed by Chris Messina in 2007 as a system to easily search for groups and topics of similar interest:

Nowadays, we see hashtags used everywhere, to invite people to comment or discuss an event, a television show and much more. The use of hashtags on Twitter has since expanded to the Instagram and Facebook media sites.

We here at Holimites came up with this idea:

“Why not group all the skiers and snow enthusiasts on the Dolomites under a single hashtag?”

So, if you’re skiing or spending a relaxing vacation among the Dolomite spires this winter, join us on any social media network by using the #dolomitesski hashtag and share your thoughts with the community.

Here’s a first set of pictures taken by our friends and us as a starter:

And, if you want to search for published comments directly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, click on the following links:

#dolomitesski Facebook
#dolomitesski Twitter
#dolomitesski Instagram

Winter 2013 .. bye bye!

Skinning up to the Sas dla Para

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This Winter accompanied us for such a long period of time that we couldn’t close it in a relaxing (if it can be defined like that) way enjoying the last perfect snow conditions.

After various proposals, the Holimites team opted for a ski randonneering excursion on one of the nearby peaks in the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Natural Park as end of season trip.

Sas dla Para ski randonneering

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The choice fell on the easy (even if our girls don’t think so) hike to the peak at 2.340 m. of the Sas dla Para, called by our neighbours from Cortina d’Ampezzo “Lavinores”. The Holimites “boys” that had a better condition skinned up twice to this peak while the ‘girls’ waited us at the top after our second ascent. After the last downhill on a powder covered north face our descent ended directly in front of the Fodara Vedla Hut where we enjoyed a great lunch and took care to get some tan before skiing down to valley. This is also one of the places where we stop during our Trekking and Trail Running tour on the Dolomites Alta Via 1.

Sas dla Para Ski randonneering

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So this is the way we finally closed the winter season 2013 with some last winter pictures (and video) that we want to share with you.

But now we cannot wait to see our meadows tinged with green, and we are looking forward to see you during the summer into the Dolomites!

Holimites al Rifugio Fodara Vedla

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In Alta Badia – Dolomites we ski until after Easter

Easter EggsTime flies … and this winter season has not been an exception. And now we are approaching the end but most beautiful part of the winter season for us at Holimites.
It was again a terrific winter, heavy snowfalls, lot’s of powder skiing and now with all this snow on the ground we have guaranteed skiing conditions until after Easter on the snow resorts of Alta Badia and Dolomiti Superski.

If you do not believe us, take a look at this tweet from our friends at Passo Giau:

So during this last weeks of the winter season, with perfect skiing conditions, attractive prices and best of all … uncrowded slopes. The days are also longer so it’s the best period of the winter to wait and relax for the sunset on the sun-kissed terraces of the Dolomites huts with a tasty local dish and a good glass of South Tyrolean wine. Oh … by the way … remember this date: March 17th! Local huts organize the

“Dé dl vin”, a ski-safari wine-day.

An event not to miss if you like good food, wine and … company!

If those news didn’t convince you to plan a last minute holiday on the Dolomites then maybe the following pictures taken during this winter season will help in this hard decision:

Please take note: During the next weeks the whole holimites staff will also ski and get tanned from the March and April sun. So our usual promptly answers to holiday requests will be just a bit delayed. But if you can’t wait … come and join us and our ski instructor Giorgia on a skiing day around the Dolomites for free thanks to our special Dolomiti Super Sun offer.

Snow like flour


January 2013:

as it happens almost every morning during the winter months, in addition to the the work at the Holimites headquarters, I get up to teach people to ski.

Looking out of the window, I see a heavy snowfall accompanied by fog and I must admit that initially the desire to leave bed&home isn’t big (really!!!). But duty calls and so I went to the local ski school. Once I have on my boots and ski’s I realize that this is my passion and not only just a work, despite the bad weather.

So here I’m with my little Australian student who already skis on slopes of most difficulties. We are among the first skiers at the top of the Col Alto in Corvara. In front of us only 2 or 3 skiers draw some lines on the fresh snow. The silence, the soft contours of the snow, the incredibly fresh and pure air…at this moment i realize how lucky I am.

My skis glide down the slope, the snow feels like flour and I think of my childhood… the afternoons when I baked cookies with my grandma, or rather, she baked them and I used to put my hands in the flour and spread it all over the table, it was beautiful.

In this January morning, I felt incredible emotions and watching this kid I realized that he was very happy and felt very lucky to ski in the Dolomites together with me. Returning home he said to me that was just “cool”.

In the afternoon, back to work in the office of Holimites, I felt the need to share this experience with you… Maybe you even have the desire to get some “powder”.

Giorgia Holimites Staff (Ski instructor version)