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Fat Bike Dolomites Tour – big is beautiful

150109_fatbike_15The chorus of an old Queen hit says, “Fat bottomed girls, you make the rocking world go round” and we could change it hands down into “Fat wheeled bikes, you make the rocking world go round”.

Pedaling, sliding and skidding on the snow is really not something new in Italy. Back in 2010, the Italian kids’ news forum, GTRagazzi had filmed a TV report on this odd winter sport with precisely one of the Holimites tour operator founders as its “leading star”:

Actually, some of our valley folk started two-wheel descents along snowy slopes to train and improve their riding skills for the summer mountainbike season even earlier – in 2000!

Back then only expert mountainbike riders could meet that kind of challenge but, thanks to the fairly recent arrival of “fatties” on the scene, many more of you can now join in on the fun: these “large frame ladies” simply float over deep snow and make pedaling a pure pleasure.

Our “Holimites boys” – true two-wheeled fanatics – recently took these “big bottomed babes” on a few rides and because they had so much fun – like kids at a playground (see the link at the end of the page to believe it) – they felt they just had to share the experience with others.

Starting this winter, you can sign up for a weekly Fat Bike Ride with Holimites, taking the lifts uphill and riding down beautiful snow-covered trails on a fatty. Outings are organized each Tuesday, but can be arranged on other days upon request.

Download the detailed program from this link.

Also take a look at the pictures and videos taken during our Fat Bike day at the playground … I mean, on the trails in Alta Badia!

Fat Bike Dolomites Fat Bike Dolomites Fat Bike Dolomites

A resume in pictures of the Dolomites winter season 2014

Thanks to the official hashtag #dolomitesski that we launched in December at the beginning of the winter season we were able to collect wonderful images taken by friends and guests during their ski holidays on the Dolomites slopes.

We collected some of the ones we liked more on this Storify slideshow:


If you have time and want to take a look at all the pictures posted on the various social networks here are the direct links:

Snowshoeing in the Dolomites-Alta Badia #HSSthu

Dolomites Alta Badia SnowshoeingAlthough relatively unknown, hiking with tennis racket-like snowshoes is quickly gaining momentum among winter recreationists.

Winter snowshoeing trails follow summer hiking trails in Alta Badia. Snowshoeing is a great way to discover the spectacular backcountry winter scenery, surrounded by the wonders of nature and the white silence of yore.

Whether you’re new to snowshoeing or have already had some experience with the sport, Holimites organizes guided hikes each Thursday on the Armentara plains (snow-covered in Winter, of course!)

Meeting: every Thursday at 8:30 am at the Skitop shop in Badia so that we can rent our snowshoes together and start the hike at 9:00 am at the latest.

Cost: The excursion is free. You will have to pay for the 2 chairlifts that will take you to the top of La Crusc / Santa Croce, to then descend to the Armentara plains (7€), and the rental cost of the snowshoes, if you don’t already own a pair.

Booking: We’ll take along a maximum of 7 people, so sign up ASAP if you want a spot. To make a reservation, call our office at 0471 838022, Monday to Saturday 9am-12pm; 2pm-5:30pm (closed Wednesday afternoon) or stop by our office in person. Last call to sign up is Wednesday at 12pm.

Snowshoe rental: You can rent snowshoes at our partner shop “Skitop” in Badia the morning of the hike. Bring along your Holimites card and you’ll receive a 10% discount!

Duration: Our guide will accompany you for roughly 2 ½ hours.

What to bring: We recommend wearing lightweight and breathable clothing in layers and to bring along a light backpack with heavier clothing such as a fleece jacket, a wind/waterproof jacket, and a hat.

Physical readiness: Minimum physical fitness is required, but this activity does not require specific athletic conditioning. Our hikes are meant to be a relaxing, 2-hour walk on the snow.

Holimites Backcountry Skiing Wednesday #HBSwed

Dolomites Backcountry Skiing

Alta Badia not only means skiing on perfectly groomed Dolomite Superski carousel slopes… it also means having an array of activities in Alta Badia at your fingertips and our favorite is backcountry skiing.

There are over ten ways to reach the Santa Croce Sanctuary from the town of Badia, precisely where we have our offices. This proximity is idea for taking a rejuvenating ski run during our lunch break or sharing a skiing adventure with our guests so that they get to know this little-known activity that is sure to deliver incredible emotions.

This winter, we’ve come up with “Backcountry Skiing Wednesdays” aimed at converting the uninitiated. We’ll boot uphill to the Santa Croce Sanctuary each Wednesday with skins, through fir and larch forests covered with pristine fields of fresh, untracked powder.

We’ll be straightforward in saying that this won’t be a walk in the park and you’ll probably break out a sweat, but you can count on feeling absolutely satisfied at the end of the day.

Here’s what you’ll need and how you can participate:

Meeting: every Wednesday at 8:00 am at the Holimites office in the center of Badia or at a location indicated when you make your reservation.

Booking: We’ll take along a maximum of 5 people, so sign up ASAP if you want a spot. To make a reservation, call our office at +39 0471 838022 (Monday – Saturday 9am-12pm; 2pm-5:30pm) or stop by our office in person! Last call to sign up is Tuesday at 12pm.

Cost: Free … or almost! The only cost to you is backcountry ski rental, if you don’t have your own pair.

Ski rental: You can rent backcountry skis at “Skiservice Renato” in La Villa. We recommend renting the skis on Tuesday morning so that you can try the boots and skis for at least 15 minutes beforehand and thereby avoid any last minute problems the next day.

Duration: Our guide will accompany you for roughly 2 ½ hours, time enough to reach the Santa Croce Sanctuary and – for faster groups – to ski back down.

What to bring: Backcountry skiing is a demanding sport where you toil and sweat. Therefore, we highly recommend lightweight and breathable clothing on the up and a light backpack with an insulating layer, protective layer and hat for a quick changeover on the down.

Physical readiness: If you plan on starting off on the golden road to backcountry skiing, let’s say up front that you need to be physically fit. It is not the kind of sport for skiers who only ski one week a year. We want you to have fun during these 2 ½ hours, not wipe yourselves out after half an hour going up, causing us to have someone come and evacuate you.  Aside from being a somewhat experienced skier (i.e. black diamond ski runs), you need to have an intermediate level of physical fitness, meaning that this activity is aimed at people who regularly practice sports during the entire year, such as jogging, biking or other activities that strengthen your physical stamina.


FIS Ski Worldcup @ Gran Risa – Alta Badia – Dolomites

We are fans of every sport, the internet and social media. This said we wanted to experiment something new related to big sport events in the Dolomites. And the best occasion was the biggest event of the skiing season in the Dolomites, the Giant Slalom of the FIS Ski Worldcup held again on the famous Gran Risa slope in La Villa – Alta Badia.

A few days before the event we started to check for pictures posted on the various social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram related to the the coming race on the Gran Risa. Most of the pictures were published by athletes already training on the nearby “Bamby 2″ slope that had the same icy conditions as the Gran Risa. The picture that got more likes and shares was the one of Mr. GS (Giant Slalom) Ted Ligety:


Our idea was to collect the pictures taken by skiing fans and post them in a single post on this blog. Honestly, in addition to photos published by the Holimites team or the tourist board Alta Badia, we thought just a few more would come in. But we happily noticed that there is a huge crowd out there that posted a lot of pictures during the racing weekend. It was hard to filter them out of the social networks, but we did our best to collect the most significant ones and put them on a Storify board as a little slideshow to remember this edition of the event. We hope you enjoy the slideshow and in case you plan to ski on the Dolomites slopes one day just check our website