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Dolomites Cycling Weeks

As we already mentioned in our catalogue, more than half of the Holimites team shares a passion for road cycling. Therefore, it’s rather odd that since Holimites’ foundation in 2000, we’ve only offered a Maratona dles Dolomites related tour.

You might say that this oversight is like a web agency that makes websites and doesn’t maintain its very own site, hoping to get to it when it’s done working on those of its clients’.

For years we’ve nurtured a love for cycling, training almost daily with our sports club in the off-season for races we joined practically every Sunday. We loved pushing ourselves to the limit and burning out up and down the Dolomite passes. And, although the idea of offering packages aimed specifically at road biking was in the back of our minds for years, we behaved a bit selfishly by not taking the time to sit down, write-up a program and share our cycling adventures with others.

For two years now, our competitive urge to enter races with the hopes of scoring significant results have finally given way to a more leisurely approach to pedaling with our group … but don’t be fooled! The average distance of our rides hasn’t diminished – on the contrary, it’s actually increased since we no longer hit the races on the weekends*.

In fact, it was precisely during these outings that we thought of the idea to offer tours aimed at cycling enthusiasts.  Lengthy debates led to a trial period last summer with friends and groups of cyclists vacationing in our partner hotels in Alta Badia. After putting on the finishing touches, we inaugurated the “Dolomites Cycling Weeks” that will take you along our training routes and … we can’t wait to get going!

Participants are divided into 3 different group levels, offering both “faster” and “hungrier” pedalers something to chew on … and for those who feel ready, each Wednesday we’ll even take you to brave the 48 switchbacks on the Passo Stelvio.

Gear up because once the snow has melted we’ll be out on the road! Follow our team as it trains! Go to the STRAVA Holimites-sponsored local sports club page.

What is more – by using STRAVA – at the end of each “Dolomites Cycling Week” all our guests will have a chance to win a reserved spot in the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel event!

Go to for booking details and instructions.

* With an exception – we put heart and soul into a special Gran Fondo: the “Lienzer Dolomiten Radrundfahrt” that takes place each year in mid-June. Here is a group picture at the event with local skiing champion Manfred Mölgg who is also a roadbike fanatic and trains with us during the summer months.