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Up until a few years ago, before call answering came about, we didn’t even know that the funny symbol on the bottom right of every telephone keypad had a name. When a female voice then asked us to press the “pound key” or “hashtag”, we’d try to guess as to which key it was…it was neither a number nor the star key…luckily, there was only one choice left…it was kind of like being a contestant on “Millionaire”.

Today, all that has changed. What once seemed to be an insignificant symbol on a keypad has become one of the most important symbols of social networking sites. Come to think of it, something similar happened to our beloved “@ sign”. Did anyone really know what it was called before the advent of personal E-mail addresses?

The hashtag has earned its popularity thanks to Twitter, where it was first proposed by Chris Messina in 2007 as a system to easily search for groups and topics of similar interest:

Nowadays, we see hashtags used everywhere, to invite people to comment or discuss an event, a television show and much more. The use of hashtags on Twitter has since expanded to the Instagram and Facebook media sites.

We here at Holimites came up with this idea:

“Why not group all the skiers and snow enthusiasts on the Dolomites under a single hashtag?”

So, if you’re skiing or spending a relaxing vacation among the Dolomite spires this winter, join us on any social media network by using the #dolomitesski hashtag and share your thoughts with the community.

Here’s a first set of pictures taken by our friends and us as a starter:

And, if you want to search for published comments directly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, click on the following links:

#dolomitesski Facebook
#dolomitesski Twitter
#dolomitesski Instagram

The first snow in the Dolomites

In the German language there is one word that describes totally our mood in this season. The word is “Vorfreude”. Literally translated would sound like ‘pre-happiness’. Not even the mighty Google translator is able to give a nice translation. As our mother language isn’t english we would opt for the word “foretaste” but that is still far away to describe the real “Vorfreude”.

“Vorfreude” is simply the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures. Let’s think at children (adults too) waiting for Christmas, or a date with a special person. This is Vorfreude!

Right now we feel like that thinking at the coming winter season that is approaching. And we are not alone, on every social platform pictures of the first snow get published in this period of time from people that just share their “Vorfreude” for this occasion. This said we would like to share with you some of those pictures from our local Dolomites friends.

from Facebook :


from Twitter:

from Instagram:
(select the image to know the author)

Skiing in Alta Badia! Top

#beauty_place #bestintheworld #loveit #heimat #heaven


If this pictures are not enough we invite you to take a view at our webcam images with front row seat on the Sas dla Crusc mountain.

Gold rush started in the Dolomites

Luckily no gold vein have been discovered under the Dolomite mountains. But fall season is right now working at his best and during the next 3 weeks it will give a touch of color to all the Dolomites meadows and forests.

We love to see those huge larch trees changing day by day the color until having this gold touch and giving this fantastic contrast with fir and pine trees. Looking at the pictures below you may agree with us that the true richness is offered by wondering what Mother Nature offers us. So let’s enjoy the autumn colors before the first snow falls and the winter skiing season starts in the Dolomites.

Here are some photos taken in the fall during the last years:

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157622700761832″]


And here the fall 2013 pictures directly taken by our holimites staff during their daily autumn excursions:

#dolomites #autumn colors

#dolomites #autumn Nature is getting ready for winter time

View on the Pisciadú walls #dolomites #cycling

#sasdlacrusc mountain #dolomites #italy

Morning hike towards Col Plö Alt with view on #sasdlacrusc #dolomites

Passo #campolongo towards #Arabba #cycling #dolomites

Autumn #cycling ride. Climbing Passo #Campolongo above #corvara

How to personalize the new Holimites Van?

It’s always fun when we need to decide for a new graphic design. We know from the beginning that many of our ideas and decisions will be revolutionized by our graphic design team at no.parking but we still give them some guidelines.

Last fall we decided to purchase a van to be able to offer an even better service to our customers like the hut to hut baggage transport during our trekking and trail running programs and of course the airport transfers for our guests to the Dolomites. Spring arrived and when we picked up the van it was time to think about how to personalize it with our holimites brand.

On one of our weekly meetings Igor just took some white papers and we knew that we had to do some homework for the next meeting. This white papers needed some colors from the Holimites team and it was a good occasion to bring to light our hidden artistic talent.

Surely the end result produced by no.parking is the most beautiful:

Holimites Van

Holimites Van

but here’s a selection of our drawings in no special order. All this in order to help our graphic design team at no.parking to get to the final result:

1 – Artist: Astrid

2 – Artist: Giorgia

3 – Artist: Igor

4 – Artist: Igor

5 – Artist: Oskar


6 – Artist: Igor

7 – Artist: Astrid



Our last post in April started with the title “Winter 2013 bye bye!” with the hope that spring would start soon.

Dear Spring … why did you skip your holiday into the Dolomite Mountains this year? We hope it’s not because we wished winter in 2012 would last longer … culpa nostra!

Well we make the best out of this. We ride with our Mountain Bikes on snow, mud and water covered trails checking if everything is ok when we start our hut to hut rides through the Dolomites Natural Parks on June 15th.